Domestic dog! Clever pooch Yari learns how to load the dishwasher

A dog owner has taken the term ‘domesticated animal’ to a whole new level.

The owner, who lives on Sark, in the Channel Islands, has trained their pooch to load the dishwasher.

Impressive footage shows Yari, a collie-type dog, stacking an item into the dishwasher, pushing the rack back in and even closing the door.

The video of Yari was filmed in the owner’s kitchen on November 17.

It shows Yari the dog picking a white, plastic container off the floor and placing it on the dishwasher rack using its mouth.

The dog nudges it into place further along the rack and looks up at its owner for approval.

It then uses its muzzle to roll the rack back inside the dishwasher, stepping up on the door with its two front paws to get a better angle.

With the rack fully inside, Yari hops back down to the floor and closes the dishwasher door with its head.

The proud owner said: ‘I taught my dog Yari to load the dishwasher.’

According to dog training websites, dogs can be taught a multitude of household chores.

It can take up to 20 minutes of practice per day to teach dogs basic obedience commands and up to 40 minutes per day to teach them more complex chores.

However, with patience and positive enforcement dogs can learn chores including how to fetch the newspaper, sort dirty laundry and close doors.

One dog, an Australian Shepherd called Secret, who has over 400,000 followers on Instagram, has been taught how to help his owner Mary to sweep the floor and do the laundry.