Texans president: Jack Easterby will not be our General Manager

Texans executive vice president of football operations and interim General Manager Jack Easterby’s role in the organization has been the focus of much discussion in recent weeks and much of that focus has been on how much power he’ll have in the organization following the firing of Bill O’Brien.

O’Brien held the titles of head coach and General Manager before being dismissed and the prospect of Easterby taking over the latter job has been bandied about fairly often. That has happened despite Patriots head coach Bill Belichick saying that Easterby, who once worked for New England, is “not a personnel person.”

During a Zoom call with season-ticket holders on Wednesday, Texans president Jamey Rootes was asked about Belichick’s assessment of Easterby.

“Jack would be the first person to tell you he’s not a personnel guy,” Rootes said, via Matt Young of the Houston Chronicle. “Jack will not be the General Manager of the Houston Texans. Jack realizes we need personnel expertise to put together the best football team. He doesn’t have enough time in the day. He’s working on sports science, working on nutrition. Spread the word. Jack has no intentions of being the General Manager.”

Rootes went on to say that the intention is to name a new G.M. in January and that “hope will spring eternal” for the team once they make that hire.