Jan 24

I’m back!

About a month ago I clicked a little button on my WordPress dashboard saying “Upgrade to 4.1″, which had been appearing for some time with increasing urgency. I clicked it, and shortly afterward got a message saying that the upgrade had failed. The result was that I lost administrative access to this site. All the existing things still appeared, but I couldn’t add new posts or make any other changes.

Godaddy’s support system turns out to be nearly useless for this sort of thing. Most of the advice they gave me was wrong. The result is that I had to learn more than I ever wanted to about the internal structure of WordPress, and got deeper and deeper into technical voodoo, breaking things more and more thoroughly as I went.

Finally I was at a point where there seemed to be no option except uninstalling WordPress and then reinstalling it.  So I tried to back everything up, crossed my fingers, and did it.  As far as I can tell, it worked.  I seem to be back at essentially the same level of functionality as before the “upgrade”.

Bottom line: I’m back in action, and new things can start to appear here again.

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